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General settings - Email

G DATA ManagementServer can automatically send alarm notifications when certain events occur. Enable email notification by selecting the appropriate Reports (Virus results, Permission requests, etc.). Select the intended recipient under Recipient group(s). You can use the Limit to prevent an excessive amount of email traffic in the event of a massive virus attack. After selecting a recipient, click Trigger test alarm to send a test alarm.

Click the pen icon to open the Email settings window to define mail groups and mail server authentication.

Email settings

Enter the SMTP server and Port (normally 25) that G DATA ManagementServer should use to send email. In addition a (valid) sender address is required so emails can be sent. If your SMTP server requires authentication, click SMTP authentication to configure it. You can set up SMTP AUTH to authenticate directly on the SMTP server, or SMTP after POP3, if the SMTP server requires it.

Under Mail groups you can manage recipient lists, such as Management or Administrators.

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